ResurFX is one of our most popular non-ablative laser skin treatments, offering men and women a wonderful option for reducing cosmetic skin concerns and generally improving their overall complexion. This impressive system is a gentle non-ablative fractional laser treatment, that is a safe and comfortable option for successfully treating skin concerns on both the face and body.

Typically, the best candidates for a ResurFX treatment are those who are looking for subtle brightening and evening of skin tone and texture. Acne scars, pigment problems, age spots, lax skin, fine lines, and wrinkles can all be improved with the Lumenis ResurFX. Results from your treatment depend on the extent of the treatment area but a general guideline is one treatment session a month, with significant improvements will come after two to three sessions.


The ResurFX can treat a wide range of concerns, from stretch marks and laxity to discoloration, age spots, and scars. By encouraging the skin to build more of its own collagen, ResurFX creates a lasting, beautiful improvement with virtually no downtime. It's the perfect solution for those who want to rejuvenate and brighten their skin, but don’t have time for a long recovery period or aren’t ready to try a stronger, more aggressive laser treatment.

About the Lumenis ResurFX

Lumenis ResurFX uses innovative patent-pending technology that allows for results to be seen after only one pass of the laser, delivering results without any visible damage, allowing patients to resume their everyday lives as soon as they walk out of the office. 


Used by physicians around the world, ResurFX enables us to treat a variety of patients, skin types, and conditions with excellent outcomes. The ResurFX has an extremely advanced scanner and offers hundreds of combinations of shape and density for the provider to choose from in order to deliver customizable individual results. This greater control means that the provider can deliver precisely the results that a patient wants, customizing the laser to treat individual concerns such as acne scars or fine lines.

The Lumenis M22™ skin rejuvenation device offers three treatment solutions: ResurFX™ non-ablative skin resurfacing; IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), and IPL Photofractional, which is a combination of a IPL Photofacial and ResurFX treatment for a complete skin rejuvenation solution, enabling your provider to offer you remarkable results on a range of skin aging concerns such as age and sun spots, vascular lesions, uneven texture and skin tone.​

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Before and After ResurFX

ResurFX for vascular lesions

ResurFX for vascular lesions and scarring

ResurFX for scars

ResurFX for vascular lesions


Choosing the Right Practice

Our mission is to strive for the highest level of integrity for our patients to make well-informed decisions about their treatments, with safety and superior outcome as our first priority. Therefore, when you come to Newtown MediSpa for your Skin Rejuvenation treatment, our approach is proactive and involved, and your goals become ours. Your treatment will not only be performed by highly skilled Registered Nurse providers, who perform many of treatments monthly, but it will also be done in a soothing environment to give you safe and remarkable results. 


Your peace of mind is critical to a successful treatment, and as a result, we’ve done everything to make our facility a comfortable, safe place. One of our first priorities is patient education, allowing you to know everything about available procedures and how they can help. This allows you to make an informed decision regarding your treatment, which is invaluable for a patient. 




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Frequently Asked Questions

What area's does ResurFX treat?

ResurFX is among the most versatile skin resurfacing treatments which can improve:

  • Hyperpigmentation or discoloration

  • Uneven skin tone

  • Age spots or sun spots

  • Scars from acne or injury

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Loose skin

  • Stretch marks


What can I expect during my treatment?

During a ResurFX laser skin rejuvenation treatment, we use a topical anesthetic, applied 45-60 minutes prior to treatment. However, due to the non-ablative nature of the laser, most patients find treatments extremely comfortable. The FDA-cleared system includes temperature-monitoring CoolScan™ technology to ensure the skin always stays protected.


How long is the ResurFX treatment?

Treatments can take 30 minutes or more, depending on the size of the targeted area. Multiple treatments spaced several weeks apart produce the best results.


Is the ResurFX treatment safe?

Lumenis treatments, including ResurFX, are developed by laser medical experts. Thanks to extensive clinical trials and several years of research, all treatments are FDA-approved and clinically proven to get results.


What can I expect after my treatment?

Patients can return to their everyday activities immediately after a ResurFX treatment. Mild redness, tingling, or swelling may be present for up to a week, but these side effects should fade quickly and be easily concealed by makeup. It's important for patients to properly protect their skin from the sun after a laser treatment. 


Because ResurFX is a mild, non-ablative treatment, you may see some results after your first treatment, but they are cumulative. That means that significant improvements will come after two to three sessions.


Who will perform my treatment?

Our team of highly qualified registered nurses and laser technicians perform ResurFX treatments. They can also evaluate patients' skin and make recommendations for other cosmetic services, including alternative laser and light treatments, that might be more appropriate for certain conditions. They have a wealth of experience with laser technologies.


How long will the ResurFX results last?

After you finish the recommended number of treatments, your results can last up to two years. You’ll have longer-lasting results if you take good care of your skin by avoiding sun exposure, using a good sunscreen, and sticking to a good skin regimen at home. An occasional touch-up treatment will keep your skin looking great for longer.