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Our owner Debra opened Newtown MediSpa offering a new concept in wellness that combines beauty, wellness, and pampering. Today, with locations in both Newtown & Fairfield, Debra enjoys educating clients about their skin and recommending personalized products and treatments.

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Remember, it’s about the person holding the syringe, not the syringe itself! So, choose your injector wisely, it’s your face after all! Educating our patients is always a top priority, so in every treatment room, we display these tips as a reminder to our patients on how important it is to have trust and understanding with your injector. 

The tips below talk about Botox, however, they can be applied to other types of aesthetic treatments, injectors, and practices.


Facial aesthetics is an art. Your practitioner needs more than the educational knowledge of how to inject, they need the artistic talent to know where to inject. Newtown MediSpa’s Master Certified injectors pride themselves in aesthetic techniques that create cultivated, natural results.


DID YOU KNOW? Debra Sullivan is an educator for the Allergan Medical Institute, 1 of 3 in the state of Connecticut. Debra trains Doctors, Physician Associates, and APRN’s in Botox, Juvederm, and Kybella injections. Newtown MediSpa also has 5 “Certified Master Injectors” on staff. Our Master Injectors maintain the rigorous training, skills, and knowledge to receive such an esteemed recognition.



Once a vial of Botox is reconstituted, it starts to degrade within 4 hours. It is not recommended to sell Botox which has been reconstituted after 72 hours. This is known as “old Botox”. Lower volume practices store “old Botox” for weeks at a time resulting in poor results and less longevity of the results.

DID YOU KNOW? Newtown MediSpa providers inject hundreds of patients per week and reconstitute 10+ vials of Botox daily. You can always rest assured you are receiving fresh Botox at Newtown MediSpa.


Allergan, the makers of Botox, only sell directly to registered and licensed medical practices. However, many practices have been caught buying Botox on the “black market.” This is not only illegal but very dangerous for you! The FDA does not regulate the “black market” Botox and therefore can not guarantee its safety or efficacy.

Only go to a licensed, registered practitioner. Also, ask to check the label! It is your right to see the Botox bottle and look for the purple hologram ensuring that it is a legitimate Allergan product. If the writing on the bottle is in a foreign language, you should not be treated.


DID YOU KNOW? Newtown MediSpa is an Allergan “high volume” practice, ranked 79th out of 50,000+ practices in the nation. Go to and search CT “by volume utilization” to find a list of legitimate Allergan practices. Newtown MediSpa ranks at the top of the list!


Make sure you are paying for what you are receiving. Many offices charge Botox “by area” instead of “per unit”. The “by area” approach is deceiving as you may not be receiving an adequate FDA recommended dose. Always ask how many units per area you’ve received and figure out the price per unit. This way, you can be sure you are not being “undertreated”.

DID YOU KNOW? At Newtown MediSpa, we only charge per unit and offer many ways for you to save on your treatments with our Botox Club programs, monthly specials, and events.


Look for an office that has been awarded Platinum or Diamond status by Allergan. This represents the highest accolade given by Allergan to an aesthetics practice. Also, do your research by reading reviews and asking your friends.

DID YOU KNOW? Newtown MediSpa has been awarded both the Diamond and Platinum Plus distinctions from Allergan. We are so appreciative of our 5 Star Google reviews and so grateful for the time our patients take to give us reviews and recommend us to friends.

Newtown MediSpa is proud of our integrity, honesty, and honors in the aesthetic industry. We thank you for trusting us in helping you to BE BOTOX SMART.

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