Be Botox Smart!

Whenever I go out for a girls night, it seems like the same questions are always asked of me:

  1. How are the kids doing in school?

  2. How is the husband?

  3. When is the MediSpa running a Botox special?

The last question is unique to me, being the owner of a MediSpa. It is also a question that I hear more often as more and more people are trying (and loving!) Botox.

Botox is FDA approved to last for “3-4 months”. The cost to treat an area is much less expensive over that time period when compared to getting a mani/pedi. (Bi-monthly mani/pedi = $65 x 8 times in four months = $520; Botox= $270).

So back to the “Specials” question. Yes, we do run periodic specials. (Be sure to get on our email list or check out our Facebook page to see our current specials). We try to make it affordable to maintain your Botox treatment, however I wanted to write this article to warn others to beware of specials that are “too good to be true”. They usually are.

Botox is a brand name and is owned by the company Allergan. Allergan sells directly to the practitioner. Some practices have, in the recent past, been caught buying Botox on the black market. This comes from overseas and is NOT legal to sell in this country. The black market Botox is not regulated by the FDA and you can not be sure that you are getting actual Botox in the bottle. There are other botulinum toxins that are not meant for human injection!

Botox also degrades rapidly after it is reconstituted (after the saline is added to the bottle for injection). Botox should be used within 24 hours of reconstitution, yet there are practices that sell it after 2 weeks in the refrigerator! This Botox will work but will not last for the 3-4 months that it should. To me, selling degraded, old Botox is completely unethical.

Juvederm and Restylane (hyaluronic acids that are injected into the face to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and to help give a liquid face lift) are also FDA regulated, yet again, are being purchased on the black market. There are reports of empty syringes being filled with gels and substances other than hyaluronic acid, (in one case, cooking oil!), re-sold and then injected into a face! Finding a Juvederm special online or on Groupon that seems too good to be true usually is.

So how do you know what you are getting and how do you protect yourself?

  1. Go to or and click on “find a provider”. If you put in your zip code, it will provide you with a list of LEGITIMATE customers of Allergan. These names will also be in order of highest volume.

  2. Go to an office that provides a high volume service of Botox. This will ensure that you are not getting “old” Botox. This will also insure that the practitioner you are going to has adequate experience in the art of Botox and fillers.

  3. Check the label! It is your right to see the Botox bottle and look for the hologram showing it is a legitimate Allergan product. If the writing on the bottle is in a foreign language, you should not be treated.

  4. Look for an office who has been awarded Platinum or Diamond status (Newtown MediSpa has both). This represents the highest accolade given by Allergan to an office.

  5. Find a provider who has had Master Injector training and who has a Physician Trainer on staff. (Newtown MediSpa’s Debra Sullivan is an ACE trainer for Botox, Juvederm and Kybella, training other PA’s, Physicians and APRN’s.)

  6. Make sure your injector is an artist. Ask to see before and after pictures. Facial aesthetics is truly an art. Your practitioner needs more than the educational knowledge of how to inject. They need the artistic ability of where to inject. It is not cookie cutter science. Every face is different. Seek out someone who will appreciate the beauty of yours.

  7. Make sure you are paying for what you are receiving. MANY offices charge “by the area” of Botox instead of telling you how many units you are actually receiving. This is deceiving as you may be treated “just enough” for the product to work but are being overcharged for what you are getting. ASK HOW MANY UNITS you received and figure out the price per unit.

  8. Make sure you are being treated appropriately but not “too much”. Be wary of practices that sell filler as a “package of 4”. Again, every face is different and you may need only one or two. Remember, it is better to go slow with your fillers. You can always add more later on. You want others to notice that you look “refreshed”, “less tired” but cannot put their finger on just what was done.

Above all, Newtown MediSpa will always maintain the highest level of ethics. The Botox and Fillers will be fresh, purchased from an FDA approved company, and you will get exactly what you pay for. Yes, we have specials from time to time. Fair prices to help it to be affordable for all.

We also have injectors that have all been trained and designated as “Master injectors” and who appreciate the art of aesthetics.

Check out our website and get on our email list to take advantage of the best practice in the business.

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