We provide many ways to SAVE on your favorite treatments with our membership programs.


Club Memberships at NMS

 At Newtown MediSpa, we want to not only offer you the highest level of service around, but the best way to save on our signature treatments. That’s why we’ve created these Membership Programs for you. You can join one or all of them – it’s up to you. 

Memberships are a great way to maintain a consistent beauty treatment regimen at an affordable price. Many of our Memberships have multiple levels to fit your budget and offer exclusive Member-only perks! 

Club Programs Quick Links

Filler Club
Natural Beauty

Skin Society Club (seasonal)

The SEASONAL SKIN SOCIETY club offers THREE membership options. Membership programs are available in the Fall/Winter months for 3-, 5- or 6-month terms. Registration is ONLY available in the months of November, December and January in our NEWTOWN location.


Botox Monthly Club

Let’s face it, we all look forward to our Botox treatments. At Newtown MediSpa, we understand keeping up with your treatments can be pricey, and that’s why we developed our monthly Botox Club. Our Club memberships offer you a great way to maintain a consistent treatment regimen at an affordable price. Besides, you will also get exclusive “member” only savings on other popular treatments at Newtown MediSpa – who doesn’t love that!

Natural Beauty

Laser Hair Club

Do you struggle with removing unwanted hair? Well, you’re not alone. So many men and women find it difficult to keep up with the time-consuming, painful and ineffective hair removal treatments they are currently using – all in the quest for a smooth, hairless body. But hair removal does not need to be such a challenge. 

Natural Beauty

Filler Club

With our Monthly Dermal Filer Club Program, waiting to fulfill you aesthetic dreams is a thing of the past.


Members receive exclusive membership “Perks” savings on our most popular treatments and products to achieve the best, youthful results.

Natural Makeup

Sophisticates Club

Newtown MediSpa’s dedication to combining the art of the treatment with the science of the products. We match this to your anatomy to create the perfect look for YOU! This customized treatment takes a lot of training and depends on the artistic eye of our providers to assess what is needed for you as an individual.

Beauty in Glam Makeup

Botox 100 Club (seasonal)

Every October marks the return of our “Botox 100 Club” and the team at Newtown MediSpa wants to provide you a whole new way to “invest in your beauty!” You will also get exclusive “member” only savings on other popular treatments at Newtown MediSpa – who doesn’t love that!

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Registration IS OPEN AND will close at 6pm on October 15th.

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