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Replenish. Hydrate. Repeat.


Our vIVa treatments will improve how you feel by alleviating the effects of dehydration, fatigue, energy loss and aging. At Newtown MediSpa, our hydration therapy utilizes a common, minimally invasive procedure to intravenously deliver fluids, vitamins, medications and other nutritional supplements directly into your bloodstream, providing relief for a multitude of common ailments associated with the accumulative effects of dehydration.


Our infusions are specially formulated to provide targeted support for energy, detox, fat burn, sickness recovery, migraines, fatigue, and stress.


For complete rehydration. Replenishes electrolytes and fluids for pre and post competition or workout regimens.

Designed to give you more energy and help to boost your immune system. Includes fluids, electrolytes, Vitamin C, Amino Acids and a Vitamin B12 MIC.


Helps with acute asthma, fatigue, migraines, allergies, muscle spasms, and other conditions with a mix of nutrients that includes magnesium, calcium gluconate, B vitamins, and Vitamin C. 


Vitamin B12 shots can be a helpful, safe and efficient way to get back on track, and boost energy.


Vitamin B12 combined with MIC in an injection used to facilitate weight loss and boost energy, aiding in the use of food for energy and in the breakdown of fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IV drip?

IV is an abbreviation for “intra-venous”. To administer an IV Drip, a small plastic tube (catheter) is inserted into a vein using a needle that is quickly removed once the plastic tube is advanced into the vein. IV Drips consist of 500-1000 ml of fluid with a mixture of vitamins and anti-oxidants. The intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver fluids and vitamins throughout the body with 100 % absorption into the bloodstream. IV Drips usually take 45-60 min to infuse.

What is a B12 Booster Shot?

A Vitamin Booster Shot is a quick 10-second injection that delivers vitamins intramuscularly, directly into the gluteus or deltoid muscle. There is no IV access required with vitamin boosters. The dosages of vitamins also differ since the rate of absorption is different with an IV going directly into the bloodstream, and a booster going into the muscle, which allows a smaller volume of vitamins to be injected.


How long does the IV therapy last?

After an IV infusion, the vitamins remain in your system and maintain your levels for 2-3 weeks.


Who administers the IV therapy treatment?

IV treatments are administered by Board Certified Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.


How often do I need a treatment?

The frequency of IV Drip therapy is determined on a patient by patient basis, we take a customized approach to suit your individual needs. For preventative health and wellness, we recommend two IV drips per month to help balance out any vitamin deficiencies.


In some cases, with people who suffer from advanced stages of autoimmune diseases or cancer, continued IV therapy may be necessary for nutritional support. Some patients get progressively better and after a series of treatments, they no longer require ongoing weekly IV therapy, only monthly treatments to maintain balance. Other patients need regular vitamin injections in order to help alleviate symptoms of their chronic or common medical conditions.


Diagnostic tests are available to better determine how often a person should be receiving treatments.


Is IV therapy just a fad?

IV vitamin therapy is not a fad. IV vitamin therapy promotes new advancement in overall health and wellness. Many people are accepting the benefits of IV vitamin therapy and are aware that an individual does not need to go to a hospital to receive an IV anymore. Most also see the upside of getting nutrients and vitamins through an IV and that one does not need to ingest daily vitamin supplements to stay healthy. As we continue to promote health and wellness via our IV therapy services, the awareness surrounding the wave of preventative health is growing.


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