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Reveal healthier, younger-Looking skin with the Tetra CO2 Laser by DEKA

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SmartXide Tetra is a one-of-a-kind CO2 laser for acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots, sun spots, and more. We can easily adjust the power, density, and pulse durations to customize and optimize the treatment for each individual patient.

The SmartXide CO2 allows us the versatility to perform a broad range of treatments, from a CoolPeel to a fully-ablative CO2 laser (Deka Pulse). The difference between the treatments is the downtime involved; you can expect approximately 5 to 7 days of downtime with the fully-ablative treatment. The CoolPeel however is approximately 1 to 3 days of downtime but requires multiple treatments to achieve the desired result.

From changes in skin quality to the development of obvious blemishes, there are many reasons to seek the benefits of laser skin resurfacing.


CoolPeel is an innovative way to safely and comfortably deliver the benefits of a traditional CO2 resurfacing treatment. By targeting only the superficial layer of skin tissue, damaged skin is removed, revealing younger and healthier-looking skin.

*Actual NMS patient, results from just one session at the Deka pulse setting. After is 16 days post-treatment.

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CO2 lasers have long been the gold standard in treating wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and other blemishes as well as tightening skin and balancing tone. Traditional CO2 treatments however have always been associated with considerable downtime. The precision and control of the CoolPeel allows you to get the skin resurfacing benefits without downtime and risk.


To help enhance your results and speed recovery, after your CoolPeel treatment, you will go home with specially formulated skincare products meant to complement the effects of your treatment and detailed instructions. 


  • Reduced downtime: CoolPeel is a less invasive treatment compared to traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, which means there is less downtime after the procedure. Patients can return to their normal activities within a few days.

  • Improved skin texture: The CoolPeel laser promotes collagen production and exfoliates the outermost layer of skin, which can improve skin texture, tone, and pigmentation.

  • Reduced signs of aging: The treatment can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

  • Reduced pore size: The laser can reduce the size of enlarged pores, leading to smoother and more even-looking skin.

  • Safe and effective: CoolPeel is a safe and effective treatment for many skin types and can be used on the face, neck, chest, and hands.

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