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A simple solution for living life leak-free.

Woman & Doctor

A simple solution for living life leak-free. Do you leak when you sneeze, cough, laugh, or exercise? If so, you likely have stress urinary incontinence. Elitone is the first of its kind device that, with regular use, will eliminate those pesky leaks.

Elidah's ELITONE device provides women a conservative, non-invasive solution for treating stress urinary incontinence, a condition that affects 1 in 3 women. The use-at-home device allows women to treat whenever and wherever they choose. 


A clinically-proven, FDA-cleared way to exercise your pelvic floor muscles to effectively treat stress incontinence. ELITONE delivers low-frequency pulses. Wear it comfortably for 20 minutes at a time while doing anything around the house.  ELITONE is:

  • Effective - 71% Average Reduction in Leaks 

  • Noninvasive - No "icky" vaginal probe

  • Convenient - Use at home while doing other tasks

  • Discreet - Worn under your clothes

  • Easy to Use - Kegels can be hard to do correctly

  • Comfortable - User controls intensity level

  • No Drugs

  • No Surgery

  • No Vaginal Insertion

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