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Our game-changing Confidence Diet program has everyone talking!

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Have you tried countless diets and weight loss plans without success? Looking to lose weight or just want to not just shed the extra pounds? While quick weight loss is possible, it’s rarely sustainable and could even be dangerous when approached without proper medical guidance.


We at Newtown MediSpa want to try to ensure that this journey is successful and long-lasting, utilizing a supervised and collaborative approach to help you to reach your goals! 

Our plan is to create a metabolic reset that uses a combination of medically prescribed GLP-1 agonist medication (Semaglutide), weekly coaching, and thorough medical guidance throughout your weight-loss journey. Semaglutide is not a stimulant and is not habit-forming. It works on the same receptors as your naturally occurring GLP-1 hormones which help you to improve metabolic function, regulate digestion, reduce inflammation, control appetite, and decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Diet supervision: THIS is what makes OUR diet program SO successful!!

Our Mission and WHY you will succeed at Newtown MediSpa:                                       

The Confidence Diet, like ANY successful medical weight loss program, requires effort, education, and commitment from BOTH you AND your medical professional. 

Too often we are seeing practices prescribe the medications with little to no guidance. Patients are expected to draw up and inject medication and manage the diet independently, without follow-up visits! This “on-my-own approach” is not only unsafe, but it is a set-up for failure! 

We firmly believe that communication and strong patient-provider collaboration is NECESSARY for your long-term success and for your health. We pledge to give you comprehensive medical support throughout your prescription weight loss journey- we want to ensure you have lasting success.

Benefits of the Confidence Diet (Semaglutide):⁠

  • Decreases appetite⁠

  • Reduces cravings⁠

  • Delays digestion⁠

  • Balances blood sugar⁠

  • Reduces inflammation⁠

How the Confidence Diet works at Newtown MediSpa:

STEP 1: LEVELING: weeks 1-10 (up to 12, dose-dependent)

  • During this step, your medication will be titrated from a very low dose to a higher dose which is specific to your metabolic needs.

  • You will learn and put into practice the foundations of healthy eating.

  • You will meet with a member of your coaching team every week and set goals.

  • A medical professional will assess your progress every step of the way, screen for side effects and review goals to help to ensure a healthy and successful outcome!


STEP 2: SUSTAINING: weeks 10-18 (up to 24, dose-dependent) 

  • This is the “maintenance” phase. You will be on a set/standard dose and will continue to build and solidify the foundations of healthy eating/healthy lifestyle that works for you. You will meet with a medical professional on week 4 and week 8.


You will begin at a dose of 0.25mg injected once weekly for 1-2 weeks, then the dose is increased slowly, after a thorough review by your medical practitioner. ALL Semaglutide dose adjustments are supervised by a PA/APRN to help ensure your health & safety while using the medication. The maintenance dose may be increased to a maximum of 2 mg weekly. Your final maintenance dose determines how long your vial of medication lasts.

Choosing the Right Practice

At Newtown MediSpa, your health and weight loss journey will start with a complete medical assessment by our PA's and APRN, where they will listen to your goals, answer all your questions, and understand who you are.


Together, we will come up with a treatment plan that will fit your lifestyle and put you on a healthy path to losing weight. Our providers will work with you throughout your entire weight loss journey, offering support and encouragement, tweaking your program and assisting you with the reintroduction of a healthy diet plan. 


We have helped hundreds of men and women in their journey to lose weight and follow healthier lifestyles, and are looking forward to helping many more improve their lives.

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