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Love the skin your in! An ideal new treatment option for all skin types who want smooth, youthful looking skin on their face, neck and body. Reduce pore size, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scars, and stretch marks.


Let’s Face It! We want to look our best at any age—not over-filled and over-stretched, just natural. We want to age gracefully, beautifully and elegantly. Inevitably, fine lines and wrinkles set in, and now there is a simple, minimally-invasive treatment that will address those concerns and have you out to dinner that same night. Get started today and face the mirror with confidence.

Vivace is the newest generation of FDA-approved, radio frequency microneedling. This minimally-invasive treatment stimulates the natural production of collagen and is shown to be effective in alleviating facial wrinkles, fine lines, and tightening and toning the face, neck, hands, and body.

Why choose Vivace?

  • Alleviate Wrinkles & Fine Lines

  • Tighten Skin

  • Minimize Pore Size

  • Improve Skin Tone & Texture

  • Immediate Results

  • No Downtime

  • Virtually Pain-Free


About the Vivace Experience

The Vivace is the only microneedling treatment that boasts a precision robotic motor that minimizes discomfort compared to any other microneedling options. In addition to a powerful and elegant treatment, the Vivace Experience also includes a specially formualted sheet mask and recovery serum to ensure maximum results. Your Vivace results are both immediate and ongoing, so you’ll enjoy instant gratification in addition to long-term improvement.


It’s the newest generation of radio frequency microneedling, and The Vivace is FDA-cleared for your safety. This minimally-invasive treatment stimulates the natural production of collagen and is shown to be effective in alleviating facial wrinkles, fine lines, and tightening and toning the face, neck, hands, and body.

We start with the most revolutionary, best-in-class Vivace Microneedling RF device, designed for an incomparable, comfortable patient experience. Only The Vivace boasts a precision robotic motor that brings discomfort to a virtual zero compared to any other device you will find in your physician’s office. We recommend a personally compounded numbing cream, the best available today, and our carefully developed recovery system ensures no one knows you just had a treatment today. The results are immediate and also improve over time, giving you the best of both worlds.

At Newtown MediSpa we've chosen to supplement the treatment with the newest breakthroughs in numbing cream, treatment serums, and recovery care to create an optimal patient experience that might just keep you from investigating other more invasive procedures down the road.


The Vivace Experience™ provides the most dramatic results with virtually no pain and no social downtime. The results are both immediate and improve over time with multiple treatments. With results you can see, you’ll look and feel your best at any age.

Recovery Skincare products make the difference


To help enhance your results and speed recovery, after your Vivace Microneedling treatment you will go home with specially formulated skincare products meant to complement the effects of Vivace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the appointment?

The actual Vivace treatment will take about 45 minutes for one area, however, we do have patients come 45 minutes prior to their appointment to apply a numbing cream.


What does the treatment feel like and does it hurt?

With a numbed face, the treatment feels like little more than light pressure to the face, with an occasional, light sparking feeling. 

The Vivace was designed with your comfort in mind. A topical numbing cream will be applied to your skin 45 minutes prior to the treatment to ensure as comfortable an experience as possible. Many patient testimonials affirm that the treatment is in a range of comfortable to virtually pain-free.


How do I determine the right treatment for me?

It’s important to work with a trusted doctor who uses FDA-cleared devices to give you confidence in its safety and reliability. Seek a patient experience that has been designed to be the most comfortable experience with the greatest results. Be clear that the device used is only part of the process, the right serums and recovery system will enhance your results.


How many treatments will I need?

Your provider will help you determine how many treatment sessions you need based on the amount and distribution of your submental fat and your personal treatment goals. Up to 6 treatments may be administered, spaced no less than a month apart.


What is RF?

Radio frequency provides heat that stimulates collagen production which has been found to lead to tighter, younger-looking skin. Combined with state-of-the-art microneedling, patients have experienced optimal results.


When can I wear make up?

We recommend you wait at least 24x to 48-hours before you apply makeup. To maximize the results of your Vivace treatment, make sure to apply Soothe Weekly Mask and Soothe Recovery Serum within 4x to 6-hours of treatment.


How long do the results last?

Everyone is different, but the collagen and elastin you make is your own and continues accelerated production over the next six months as results improve over time.

What is the recovery time like?

Your provider may choose to supplement the treatment with serums and recovery protocols that create optimal results and faster recovery. Most patients have very little, to no indication, of any treatment that day.

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