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Laser Hair Removal

Get smooth and be confident

Do you struggle with removing unwanted hair? Well, you're not alone. So many men and women find it difficult to keep up with the time-consuming, painful and ineffective hair removal treatments they are currently using – all in the quest for a smooth, hairless body. But hair removal does not need to be such a challenge. Our advanced technology now includes the Lumenis SPLENDOR X (Fairfield location) and the LightSheer Desire Laser System (Newtown location). Lumenis systems are the industry's "Gold Standard," and we stand behind them as one of the best ways to achieve permanent hair reduction. 


At Newtown MediSpa, we can help you banish unwanted hair from your face, legs, bikini area, underarms, stomach, buttocks, arms, hands, feet, back or chest. Treatment is popular with both men and women and requires no downtime, so you can return immediately to normal activities. When you come in for your complimentary consultation, one of our certified registered nurses, will assess your needs and discuss your treatment options and pricing with you.


Newtown MediSpa's Laser Hair Removal Club provides our patients with safe and effective treatments at an affordable monthly price – starting at only $49 per month. Scroll down to learn more about our monthly Laser Hair Removal Club.

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With memberships starting at $49 per month, our Laser Club makes it affordable for everyone to get rid of unwanted hair.

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Experienced, highly trained and licensed nurses and PA's have done thousands of treatments, and have had the treatment done themselves.

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No more annoying bumps, rashes or stubble. No more razors or painful waxing treatments. Only smooth skin, sexy skin.

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Depending on the area being treated, your treatments average just under 30 minutes. Now you can get it done and gone, on your lunch break!

About the Laser Hair Removal Club

Newtown MediSpa's Laser Hair Removal Club provides our patients with safe and effective treatments at an affordable monthly price – starting at only $79 per month. A complimentary consultation is required, prior to treatment, to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.


You will meet with our PA or one of our registered nurses to discuss your goals and determine your treatment areas. Together you will design a treatment plan that not only works with your budget, but that's convenient for you.


We have multiple membership levels – Mini, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Pricing of the monthly membership is per single area and is dependent upon which area you desire to treat. You can start with just one area or multiple areas. – the choice is yours. All you have to do is sign up in the office and come in once every 4-weeks for your treatment. You are required to keep your treatments at the same location/Laser for optimal results. 


Below are the areas treated per membership level. Please see the Important Membership Information section below for more details. Call us at either location to schedule your complimentary consultation and for pricing inquiries.


MINI AREAS ($79 per month): Ears, Nose, Fingers, or Toes

SMALL AREAS ($119 per month): Upper Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Sideburns, Neck, or Belly Trail

MEDIUM AREAS (OR TWO SMALL AREAS - $149 per month): Underarms, Upper Back, or Bikini (outside panty line)

LARGE AREAS ($199 per month): Full Face, Brazilian, Buttocks, Full Arm, Upper Chest, or Half Legs

X-LARGE AREAS ($249 per month): Full Back, Full Chest, Full Abdomen, or Full Legs

SPLENDOR X by Lumenis

The SPLENDOR X is the very first breakthrough in Laser Hair Removal in the past 10 years. The SPLENDOR X will allow for a faster and more complete process of laser hair removal.


SPLENDOR X is engineered to treat a wide range of hair removal procedures, with BLEND X, bilateral laser emission of Nd: YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) wavelengths, synchronized to fire with adjustable proportions. At 250W output power, SPLENDOR X provides rapid coverage rate combining high fluency, large spot size, and high repetition rate. The unique square spot shape eliminates overlap and hot spots, guaranteeing uniform skin coverage. Furthermore, a built-in plume evacuator ensures a smoke-free and safer environment.


The SPLENDOR X's cutting-edge technology not only allows the use of the laser on all other skin tones but due to its unique BLEND X technology, we are able to create customized treatment options for patients of all skin types and hair types.


Below is the pricing for our Monthly Laser Hair Removal club for our Newtown LHR membership. You are required to keep your treatments at the same location/Laser for optimal results. Pricing for our Fairfiled LHR-X membership is an additional $30* per month/per area.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser uses energy from a specific light wavelength to precisely target hair follicles (or more specifically the melanin within them). This will destroy the hair follicle preventing it from growing again. The laser we operate in our clinic, Lumenis Lightsheer Desire, uses patented cooling technology making it virtually pain free and more effective at reaching the hair follicle and the melanin.

Understanding Hair Growth

All body and facial hair goes through three distinct phases of growth – Anagen, Catagen & Telogen. At any time, 85% of your hair is in the Anagen phase (active growth), which is where you get best results from a laser treatment. This is because the follicle is closest to the skins surface and the melanin content of the hair is at its highest and therefore optimal for hair destruction. The light targets the follicle heats it and destroys the hair.


Multiple treatments are needed because hair in the active growth phase (Anagen phase) can be affected by the laser. Effective results require treatments spread evenly and once every four weeks. Optimal treatment results are better achieved when maintaining a strict 4-week laser regimen. Any deviation from our recommended 4-week treatment schedule can result in a longer treatment cycle to achieve optimal results.

Choosing the Right Practice

Deciding which practice to use for your laser hair removal is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. That's why we offer a FREE consultation where your provider will assess your needs, answer any questions you may have, and help you find the best treatment options for you. 


It’s important to understand that laser hair removal is an actual medical procedure, requiring extensive training on the part of your provider. The staff at Newtown MediSpa is dedicated to providing you the best medical care in a comfortable, soothing and safe environment, where patients come first.

Our mission is to strive for the highest level of integrity for our patients to make well-informed decisions about their treatments, with safety and superior outcome as our first priority. Click here to read more about our patient education mission Being Botox Smart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect after my treatment?

The appearance of the treated area following treatment varies from patient to patient, depending on the characteristics of the patient and treatment given. During the treatment, some hairs will shed from the follicle immediately, while the remaining will shed in the following weeks. Transient redness and swelling around the hair follicle may appear immediately after the treatment, but are in fact, positive results indicating the follicle’s response to the treatment.


When will I see results and how many treatments will I need?

Multiple treatments are required to achieve permanent hair reduction. This is due to the increased effect of the laser on hair in the early growth stage (anagen). Not all the hairs are in the same phase at a given time. Optimal treatment results are better achieved when maintaining a strict 4-week laser regimen. Any deviation from our recommended 4-week treatment schedule can result in a longer treatment cycle to achieve optimal results.


Is it suitable for darker skin types?

Laser hair removal can be used for any color skin type. Very dark skin types may need more treatments to achieve satisfactory results but as long as the hair is darker than the skin the laser will be able to successfully target the melanin and destroy that hair.


Does it hurt?

The new LightSheer Desire's cutting-edge High-Speed Vacuum Assisted and ChillTip™ technology makes this procedure virtually pain-free and eliminating the need for topical anesthetics.


How much does it cost?

The Laser Club at Newtown MediSpa offers three membership levels (Small, Medium and Large), depending on which area or areas you want to be treated. You can do as little or as much as you want. Monthly memberships start at $69 per month. At your complimentary consultation, our staff will asses you, review pricing, then develop a comprehensive treatment plan for you to achieve optimal results.


What is the difference between reduction and removal?

Laser treatments are only approved by the FDA for 'permanent hair reduction' NOT 'permanent hair removal'. Typically you can expect to see up to 95% reduction in hair growth following a course of treatment.


What do I need to do to prepare for my first treatment?

Six weeks prior to your laser hair removal, it is important to avoid tweezing, waxing and any other procedure that affects the root of your hair. The roots need to be present in order for laser hair removal to take effect. It is also important to avoid sun exposure for six weeks both before and after your treatment. The sun’s rays can negatively affect your treatment.



Important Membership Information

  • It is important to be treated every 4 weeks to permanently reduce hair growth. Any disruption in or stopping your treatment before optimal results are achieved can extend or increase the number of treatments you may need. 

  • Membership includes the treatment of each registered area per month. 

  • If treating more than one area, you will be charged the monthly price for each area being treated.

  • The monthly fee will be charged to your credit card on file on the 1st of every month.

  • Please note that our Cancellation and No Show policy applies to this membership. 

  • Membership cancellation. Once you and your practitioner agree that optimal results have been achieved, you can cancel your membership. We REQUIRE that cancellations be emailed to us at before the 1st of the month. 





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